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Tiki (2006)

Tiki (2006)

27 Mar 2023
Genres: Horror
Directed by: Ron Ford
Stars: Joelene Smith, Maria Caprile, Tanya Morton
Country: Usa
Language: English
Resolution: 716×480
Duration: 82:25mins
Size: 1.48GB
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When Amy leaves her beloved Hawaiian Islands to pursue her studies in drama on the mainland, her happiness is short-lived. A gang of vicious co-eds has it out for her, and they're determined to make her life miserable. With the help of their boyfriends, they devise a heinous prank that leaves Amy suffering from a brain seizure that may prove fatal.

As Amy struggles to recover, her aunt Maelea comes to her aid with a special Tiki doll that has been designed to kill. Using her magical powers, Maelea helps Amy's subconscious spirit to enter the Tiki doll's body, bringing it to life. Now, the Tiki doll is on a mission to seek revenge against the students who caused Amy's suffering. With its relentless assault of Tiki terror, the doll tracks down its targets one by one, exacting its grisly revenge.

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