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Tokyo Mafia (1995)

Tokyo Mafia (1995)

25 Mar 2023
Genres: Action Asian
Directed by: Seiichi Shirai
Stars: Riki Takeuchi, Masayuki Imai, Hiroshi Miyauchi
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese, English (2tracks) 
Subtitles: English (embed)
Resolution: 702×350
Duration: 82:37mins
Size: 1.68GB
Also Known As: Tokyo Mafia 2
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Ginya Yabuki, a successful criminal operating on the fringes of Kabukicho, is known for dealing in whale meat and flash memory chips with a small group of six comrades. However, his path to success was not always smooth.

Emerging from the dark past of the Tokyo Mafia, an old friend reappears as a deadly enemy, leading to bitter hatred and betrayal amongst the blood brothers, and causing the Mafia loyalties to fall apart. The streets are restless as gangs search for opportunities to take action, and only the strongest can survive the wrath of the yakuza.

After being left for dead by his own organization, Ginya Yabuki comes back from exile with a plan for revenge and to establish a larger crime organization, the "Tokyo Mafia."

Ginya Yabuki is a legendary assassin who once killed 300 battle-hardened gangsters in a single night. However, ten years after that infamous massacre, he has lost everything - his partner, his love, and the Mafia he once ruled. Forgotten by all, he is resigned to die in obscurity. But when a young gangster approaches him seeking training, his old rage is reignited, and he decides to make one final stand - one last blaze of glory. The name of the Tokyo Mafia will never be forgotten in this town.

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