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Sins (1986)

Sins (1986)

24 Mar 2023
Genres: Drama
Directed by: Douglas Hickox
Stars: Joan Collins, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Marisa Berenson
Country: Usa
Language: English
Subtitles: Dutch (embed)
Resolution: 704×538
Duration: 135:20mins
Size: 2.03GB
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Helene Junot, a young woman played by Catherine Mary Stewart, witnesses her mother's tragic death at the hands of the Nazis. Due to the war, she becomes separated from her brother Edmund, portrayed by Timothy Dalton. Helene takes a job at the chateau of Count De Ville, played by Jean-Pierre Aumont, and falls in love with his son Hubert, portrayed by Neil Dickson. However, her love affair is met with disapproval from the Count. In an attempt to move on, Helene relocates to Paris and becomes a successful fashion model, eventually becoming romantically involved with her former employer. Over time, she builds a prominent magazine empire, all while searching for her lost brother and seeking justice for her family. Despite her success, Helene makes several enemies who ultimately unite to bring her down. The role of Helene is later played by Dame Joan Collins.

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