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Jadviga’s Pillow (2000)

Jadviga’s Pillow (2000)

18 Mar 2023
Genres: Drama
Directed by: Krisztina Deák
Stars: Ildikó Tóth, Viktor Bodó, Roman Luknár
Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian
Subtitles: English, Hungarian, Italian (embed)
Resolution: 716×486
Duration: 128:46mins
Size: 1.53GB
Also Known As: Jadviga párnája
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The movie is an adaptation of Pál Závada's novel of the same name, which gained immense popularity after its publication in 1997. The plot is set in a small town in southeastern Hungary during World War I and its aftermath. It revolves around the loveless union of Ondris, a young man from the Slovak minority, and his wife Jadviga, who fails to reciprocate his affection and indulges in a love affair with a lawyer named Franci. The film narrates the tale of the discontented relationship between a passionate rural man and his intellectual wife, who yearns for something beyond her reach. The film also depicts the historical context of the dissolution of the Hapsburg monarchy and the liberation movement of the Hungarian Slovaks, led by a comical priest. However, these historical events merely provide a backdrop to the main plot, which centers around an unhappy "ménage à trois."

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